Bound to Please

Hands held high
above his head.
Knotted fast
against the bed.

His legs splayed wide
and ankles bound,
with cable ties
that she has found.

Spread-eagled, nude
upon the sheet,
the sight inflames
her growing heat.

Her victim, prostrate
at her whim.
The choice to tease
or discipline.

His blindfold keeps her
from his sight.
A role reversed
just for one night.

She sees the paddle,
eyes the whip,
then eyes on him,
she bites her lip.

With just her fingers
in a light caress,
she touches the places
she likes best.

He can not see,
she strokes alone,
touching parts
he does not own.

He hears her whimper,
hears her sighs,
her hand so rude
between her thighs.

The bed rocks as
she climbs beside.
Her fingers stroke,
she kneels inside
his legs, still tied.
She moves her head,
her long hair trails
across the bed.

Onto his skin
strands lightly brush.
Breathing pauses;
a silent hush.

Then lips upon
his thigh he feels.
Her knees spread,
they touch his heels.
As lower her head
gently sinks,
she doesn’t move
to where he thinks.

Teeth bite hard
into his skin,
his squeal held
where she gagged him.

The unseen nip
registers pain,
imagined worse;
she bites again.

Through the silk
she made him wear,
the price of losing
a simple dare.

From his thigh
she circles round.
Her mouth above
his bulging mound.
Through her panties
she sees his size.
Under silk
the final prize.

From the bed,
onto the floor,
around the bed,
she seeks much more.

Not a night
for him to win.
Tonight’s for her
to choose her sin.

She climbs the bed
hands on the wall,
no man tonight,
he’s but a tool.
Sliding down
he lays beneath,
a ball-gag tight
between his teeth.

He feels her knees
against his hair.
Her sex is lowered,
smooth and bare.

She rubs against
his reigned in lips.
Grinding hard,
gyrating hips.

A hint of taste,
the scent of lust,
he lays immobile
as he must.

The need to suck,
the urge to lick,
She soaks his face
she’s done so quick!

She lifts her leg,
removes herself,
checks his gag
to check his health.

He’s still secured
and breathing fine.
The silk he wears
still looks divine.

The white soft silk
he wears is wet
yet still he strains
not all spent yet.

She grips the muscle,
squeezing cruel.
He’s the servant,
she must rule.

She wants him now
but must restrain
her need
or he would win again.

She moves her hand
and he’s released
though straining hard, erect,
“The Beast”

From a drawer
she finds her toy,
He hears the hum
and hears her joy.

Leather lances
through the room.
A whip-crack,
a sonic boom.
Sudden shock,
He writhes in pain,
it passes, then,
she whips again.

New to power,
her needs increase.
Toy and whipping
surely cease.

She pounces fast
strips him bare,
impales herself
but wont play fair.

She rides him hard
urgent and fast
finish first,
no prize for last.

Spent and tired
with waning lust,
she pinches him
as he seeks to thrust.

Climbing free
she leaves him bound
upon the sheets
to make no sound.

Walking swiftly
to the door.
He will remain
till she needs more.

She smirks at him,
her captive Dom.
Where she wants him
all night long.

She’ll leave him there
for just an hour
and then return
to make him cower.

He writhes and struggles
to no avail.
From Lord of her
to her sub male.

She wins, he weeps,
barely a boy.
Not man, not male,
he’s just her toy.
No choice now,
he waits her pleasure.
Sweet agony
beyond all measure.

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