Her fingers grip
and biceps tense,
guiding, steering,
moments hence.
Entwined in hair
but not her own,
seeking heaven
He has shown.
Twice before
did visit there,
again He shows
talent so rare.
She clutches, pulls
an act so base,
grinding hard
upon His face.
No master here,
no master’s role,
just two together
make one whole.
She shudders hard
and groans delight,
her Angel sent
to ease her plight.
Released again,
her soul soars free.
His wings unfurl
for her to see.
No sin within,
no cost, no price.
Her saving grace
His sacrifice.
Love so pure
that demons weep.
Her soul is His
for Him to keep.
He looks into
adoring eyes,
she sees in Him
no bitter lies.
Adoring this
immortal guide,
she opens wide.
Gentle love
soft and sure.
When doubting love
He is her cure.

She wakes content,
doubting whether
He were there,
then finds… a feather.

9 thoughts on “Pure

    • This didn’t work for me as well as I wanted. I think this should probably have been a short story. I have a chapter to delete out of Dark Angel (a book I’m working on that isn’t strong on the erotic) that was bordering pornographic… I think this and that need to merge somewhere.
      Maybe I should look to posting some of the things I’ve written from my stories that I had to cut. I usually leave the erotic “off the page” or “behind the door” but when I write, sometimes it hits the page and has to be removed.
      Something to think on!

      Liked by 1 person

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