He wasn’t very skilled,
naïve and quite inept,
but that wasn’t a worry
as on his lap she leapt.

Half her age but willing,
hung so like a horse,
her jaw and lips ached
were she had pleasured him (of course).

The thickest she had taken,
she stretched in superb pain.
Pounding down upon him,
he ejaculates again.

He doesn’t soften still,
she rides him, such a fool!
Impaled so deeply on him
she orgasms on his tool.

Screaming out in pleasure
never before found,
he’s motionless, impassive
with his lust speared in her mound.

Bouncing, frantic,
no thought but lust.
Again she cums,
again she must.

Sweating, weeping, crying,
she just can’t get enough.
This neighbours son, this hero,
this horny piece of rough.

Into the room
her boyfriend walks,
eyes bulge,
he tries to talk.

She can not stop,
he starts to pack.
she just stares back.

He glares, he swears,
she watches, hurt.
Again the youngster
starts to spurt.

Lost in rapture
she cums once more.
Barely hears
the slamming door.

She knows she’s lost
her one true love,
sadly concedes
love’s not enough.

All thoughts gone,
she rides and rides.
Her pain eased,
so slick inside.

He moves, she falls,
he takes control.
On all fours,
he sees his goal.

Once before
been taken there.
Once was enough,
but now seems fair.

He’d done so much
she would allow
what she’d always

Hands on cheeks,
she spread her rear.
Tensing, shaking,
all from fear.

The pain, the pain,
he forces in.
She grimaces,
can’t see him grin.

He stops all motion,
each inch in
She relaxes,
then rocks back at him.

He stops a moment,
lets her wait,
to her fate.

As she thinks
it’s not so bad.
He shows knowledge
she didn’t know he had.

He’s not naïve,
he’s no-ones fool.
He grasps her hips,
his time to rule.

Violent, cruel,
he powers home.
Ignores her screams
and starts to moan.

She passes out,
he doesn’t stop.
Humps her hard
lying on top.

Deep inside,
he sprays his seed.
Prepares to leave,
he’s done the deed.

An hour passed
before she stirs.
Her thighs are red,
the blood is hers.

The mirror shows
the pain she bore.
The lipstick on her breast,
says “Whore!”

She cries and weeps,
her lust caused this.
All she sought,
a tender kiss.

And now the price
starts sinking home.
She walks their house
in tears, alone.

3 thoughts on “Nasty.

    • I’m finding it difficult to understand this one. I do like it… but at the same time.. I hate it. I know people are flawed but I don’t know who I feel for in this one. I am proud of it; as a poem, I like it. The characters in it though?… I just don’t know!


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