The Monroe.

In a castle full of tourists,
in the crowd she stood apart.
With the stranger close behind her
She argued with her heart

She struggled with the fabric
as the wind blew up her dress.
She turned “Did you see?”
and he winked at her “Oh yes!”

Her cheeks blushed at his words
she stepped away toward the stair.
The hunky tourist trailed her,
no thought of when or where.

A foot upon the step
of the tower she did place.
The man close behind
caused her heart to race.

Three steps below, the stranger
gazed upward, watched her climb.
His eyes entranced, a vision,
he gazed at the sublime.

His attention upon her
she hesitated, yet,
she felt arousal from his eyes
and knew that she was wet.

No touch had been given,
barely a word had been said
but her heart raced as she rose up,
her passion gently fed.

The top step opened out
onto a crenelated wall.
He moved to stand behind her,
ensured she would not fall.

Again a gust undressed her,
exposed her to the air.
His hand under her skirt
as he removed her underwear.

The stranger’s hand caressed,
as he parted her thighs.
She felt him push against her
and slowly closed her eyes.

Roughly he entered
and ground his length far in.
She groaned in her throat
and pushed hard back at him.

The wall scraped her breasts
as he pounded hard and fast.
No thought to gentle love,
no desire to make it last.

Dirty and crude,
she revelled in their lust.
She waited his release
as any moment, he must.

Laughter in the stairway
spurred the stranger on.
Faster, harder, deeper,
riding hard and long.

He grunted, spurting hard,
withdrew without a sound.
But she found no sign of him
when she slowly turned around.

Her thighs were wet and sticky,
her tender sex was bare.
She glanced round in a panic
to seek her underwear.

A family took the tower,
while she hastily descends.
Careful on stone steps
and wary of tight bends.

Outside, she sees him,
in a stark, affected pose.
His eyes lock on to hers,
he brings her panties to his nose.

He grins and then is hidden
as tourists in a throng
obscure her view, then clear…
her secret man has gone.

5 thoughts on “The Monroe.

  1. I do like this. It wasn’t actually the public nature that was the attraction to me, nor the anonymity of it, I just loved the idea that the lust was so great that convention and decency were no longer of any import 🙂


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