The Sweetest Kink.

For five years

they’ve been together.

Sometimes lace,

sometimes leather.


Never shared,

always true,

never telling

what they do.


One secret kept,

never let out.

Not in whisper,

not a shout.


In the wilds

the two both go.

Through the woods

that all must know.


In public view

upon the track,

in the dirt,

upon her back.


Should you walk past,

you would find

they’d ignore

and never mind.


Their kink is this,

to be your thrill,

you may watch on,

just watch until


in rapture, both,

they do delight.

Applause and cheers

cause them no fright.


But do not think

you may join them,

they’ll run away,

then start again.


Two are one,

they seek no more.

A pair eternal.

Love, for sure.




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