The Honeymoon

Standing in the darkness

wearing nothing but her heels.

Nervous anticipation

is the only thing she feels.


She knows that he is waiting,

sitting in his chair.

But disorienated,

she’s not sure just where.


She holds her breath to listen,

a breath sounds just ahead.

She steps toward the sound

of the Master she has wed.


The first night of her new life,

with the man that she adores.

She knows he loves her back

despite her many flaws.


He says he doesn’t see them,

she’s his ideal wife.

Sworn to be beside her

all the days of his life.


Her knees touch against his

and she drops down to the floor.

Subservient to him,

from now for evermore.


He reaches out to hold her

lifts her to her feet.

Pulls her toward his face

where their lips can meet.


Kissing her deeply,

she’s pulled into the chair.

He cuddles up against her

and soflty strokes her hair.


They wake in the morning,

still snuggled tight together.

No love made last night

yet their hearts are bound forever.


3 thoughts on “The Honeymoon

  1. Thank you ladies.
    I liked the idea of a very sexual, established relationship being consummated on the wedding night by the complete absence of sex.
    I thought it worked but I delight in your words, not for the praise, merely for the thought that my words are enjoyed.

    Liked by 1 person

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