The Contract


The house had a cellar
which was why it was bought.
It was filed with ropes
and other objects he’d sought.
He descended the stairs
to see the woman he’d caught,
who had gladly submitted
and now would be taught.
Near naked, supine,
dressed lightly in black,
arms outstretched
she lay on her back.

Wrists secured
to a steel scaffold pole,
her legs spread wide
but hiding his goal.
Satin hid pleasure,
his desire in check,
he walked to the woman
and caressed her neck.
She flinched at his touch,
his presence unseen.
Blindfolded for hours,
but still just as keen.

Flesh touched her lips,
she licked and she sucked,
he brushed at her panties
and swelled as she bucked.
Tied for an hour,
vibrations within,
her satin was soaked
but still she craved him.
His hand in her hair,
he thrust none to soft,
she gagged and gasped,
tried not to cough,
but the faster he moved
the deeper he drove.
His passion contagious
his fingers would rove.

He stopped all too soon
and despairing of joy,
she whimpered softly
as he withdrew the toy.
His face then replaced it,
his tongue danced around,
seeking her moisture
in the satin he’d found.
He tugged at the waistband
till she lay bare
and standing before her,
he speared her hard there.
She cried out in pleasure,
no longer denied
and howled out frustration
as he started to ride.

Not all was permitted,
one thing was hid,
one action of hers
was all he’d forbid.
He finished inside her,
still unsatisfied,
she writhed in a fury
and in rage, she cried.
She begged a release,
an end to the game
he laughed and derided
and called her a name.

Grasping her ankles
he bound them with rope,
raising them high
she had hint of hope.
Yet as her rear raised up
free of the wood,
her hopes fell around her
as she swore to be good.

He spanked her cheeks hard
with open palm,
she squealed and pleaded
but still he stayed calm.
He slowed in his torment,
admired the view
and then considered
what else he might do.

With the toy back inside her,
suspended, mid-air,
she hung immobile
as he returned to the stair.
His fourth visit now,
should all teasing cease?
Should he still keep her bound
yet permit her release?
They both had their pleasure,
they both had their fun
but it would be over
if he let her cum.
Her stipulation
written and signed.
Only his pleasure,
or the contract’s declined.

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