Satin ribbon ties,

fastened at the side.

Sheer black mesh

with treasure hid inside.

Leather rising high

resting above,

constricting her waist,

and embracing her love.

An overbust constraining

and tethering her frame.

An hour glass figure

primed now for the game.  

Black upon her legs,

stretched from foot to thigh.

Translucent shine

designed to please the eye.

Heels increase her height

and straighten out her spine.

Posture perfect, upright;

harsh, yet still she’s mine.

Striding toward me,

hair piled on her head.

Standing over me

whilst I’m bound on to the bed.

I wait without option

as I have done for an hour.

Once I was the Dom

yet now she wields the power.

I have no thought of my own.

I obey and nothing more.

All she wants she gets

I am nothing but her whore.

Yet now I have freedom,

all the stresses ease.

No duty bar one.

I serve only to please.

10 thoughts on “Contentment.

    • Many thanks again my friend, this is all an exploration for me. The voyeur of the lives lived in the shadow, I do not play, but I delight in the imagery that is so, so rich. For all my words may conjure, the imagination is ever richer.


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