No Longer Denied.


Gripping the rails

at the head of the bed,

restraint escaped,

denial has fled.

Pleasure discovered,

a new life begun,

all was denied

yet may now be done.

A decade in waiting

knowing not what she missed,

barely touched,

barely kissed.

Now passion’s unlocked,

desire’s set free,

engulfed in flame,

his spark was the key.

Embracing his body

with all that the she is,

learning her likes

and aiding in his.

She lays now exhausted

satisfied at the end,

glad to surrender

what once she’d defend.

11 thoughts on “No Longer Denied.

    • Oh Grace! That would have made so much sense but strangely, it hadn’t crossed my mind. My thought was simply that she was surrendering her virginity. If I’d thought about it, I could have described the wedding dress discarded on the floor and the confetti still caught in his hair. Wonderful insight… wish I’d thought of it!

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