She Rises

Lizz May 25, 2011

She’d loved without caution,

embracing through trust.

Surrendered her reason

as surely she must

to be in his arms,

to be wrapped in his soul.

Part of his passion;

submission, her role.

He summoned her close

demanded respect.

He trod on her feelings,

leaving her wrecked.

She accepted this treatment,

deeming it fair.

Knowing no different,

she laid herself bare.

He stomped on her heart,

derided her love.

Gazed down upon her

while standing above.

This was not gentle,

this was unkind.

No feelings from him,

no love could he find.

He toyed with emotions,

and failed to play clean,

he slaughtered her passion

and treated her mean.

Then from the shadows,

a spirit ascends,

infusing her weakness

until her strength mends.

She braces herself

when next they both meet,

the door creeps open

he steps in, in bare feet.

The glass cuts his skin

and he yells in the dark.

She laughs in the corner,

he replies with a bark.

His words are cut short

as the whip lashes out.

Slicing his torso,

he flails about.

Again the whip cuts,

he falls to his knees,

she grasps at his hair

and he’s forced to please.

She allows no retreat,

permits no reprieve.

It’s his time to serve

and she says when to leave.

Pushed on his back,

he feels his hands tied.

Turned over and ridden,

embedded inside.

He tries to resist her,

tries to get free,

yet acknowledges slowly

it’s how it must be.


A year has now passed

and he’s simply her whore.

He does what is ordered

never asking for more.

From commanding and harsh

his world has reversed.

He patiently waits

for her pleasure first.

Impassioned and eager,

down on all fours,

he worships his mistress,

the one he adores.

The end of the cold heart,

no more surly scorn.

From the fire of indifference

their true love was born.

7 thoughts on “She Rises

    • The original idea was how the relationship was wrong but not for the obvious reason. She needed to rise up and be the dominant force in the relationship. Once they have the balance reversed, the love showed through.


  1. First half…painful to read. Second half haha bloody brilliant! Again you have produced a wonderful piece of work Mister and I’m bloody well praising you whether you like it or not lol x

    Liked by 1 person

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