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He’d walked in the room,
dark and subdued.
Remembering her passion
when last she’d been nude.
The sheets were rumpled,
still bunched on the bed.
Everything changed
despite what she’d said.
He’d tidied the cuffs,
straightened the ties
then sat on the floor
alone and cried.
He knew she’d return,
he even knew when,
but his heart yearned so
just to see her again.
‘Tuesday’ she’d promised,
which was two days before.
He’d stayed home and worried
as he sat near the door.
The hours passed slow
and blurred into days.
Not eating or sleeping,
all was a haze.
Then came the call,
now she returns,
her value increased
is the lesson he’s learned.
As she came in
and walked down the stair,
he knelt in obedience,
held her crop in the air.
From his open palms
she retrieved her control.
Ascendant again
in the dominant role.
She asks if he missed her
and raising his eyes,
he nods in silence
and once again cries.
She permitted his weakness
and welcomed his tears
as clutched together
she banished his fears.

7 thoughts on “Dependant

    • So glad you found this one. The lack of comments tempted me to delete it. I’d thought it was a good piece, I thought his pain at her absence would show but when nobody commented… worry set in.
      Thanks SJ.


      • I apologise for not getting to it sooner, bit behind with my reading I’ll catch up completely one day. Don’t delete it! It’s a fabulous piece my friend…understand the worry though as I feel the same when something I loved writing struggles to get comments but believe me this is truly wonderful!
        No thanks needed Chris well except from me…thank you for sharing 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m not sure he feels he needs the crop, I think he’s just so grateful for her return, he’ll accept anything to have her back. Anything; she is his sunlight.
    Then again… I’m slightly inebriated and feeling seriously soppy so my opinion may not necessarily be trusted.
    (And with-out wordpress underlining misspelt words,… this comment would really read one hell of a lot different lol).

    Love to the world.Be happy, be well and be.. sod it.. the rest is immaterial, just be happy and be well 😀


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