Waiting on happiness

A Short Story.

 She stood nervously, holding his hand before the imposing door. Her love for him had always been immense but fear intruded into all her thoughts as she crushed his fingers nervously. Her head was bowed as she starred at the heavy brass doorknob. Part of her eagerly anticipated the moment she would be led through the door into the room beyond and yet, her mind kept drifting back to the bedroom of two nights earlier. The rapturous passion in the darkness had dwindled into a contented ease as she had lain with a warm heart against the clammy skin of her lover; the sheets around them damp with the sweat of their loving. She had been held tight and held back with the same ardour as was gifted to her.

Now, with the door before her and clasping the hand of the only man she had ever loved, he reached forward and slowly turned the knob. With a hesitant glance at the older man, she stepped forward with a confidence she didn’t feel.

The room opened up before her, two dozen people all gathered, all waiting for her. Nervously she cast her eyes down and examined her dress, terrified they may all notice something about her appearance that they may disapprove of.

He led her deep into the mass of people and then, standing with all eyes upon her, she looked to her left and smiled.

Standing beside her, in a matching dress, stood her bride to be. Her father raised his arm and released her hand. He passed his daughter over to the love of her life. The woman who was to swear her life to forever keep his only child safe.

The two women clasped their palms together and turned to the officiator as they prepared to take the vows that had been agreed upon while lying in the darkness in each other’s arms.

 Written for Mandy and Lynn.

With the morning bringing Pride to the South West, I thought it appropriate to write something that refelcted that. I hope all goes well with you my friend.

11 thoughts on “Waiting on happiness

    • I enjoyed writing this for Mandy but I wanted it to start out with the sinister feel of my former work, I wanted the usual expectation of what lay beyond the door to be shattered so the truth became more stark and poignant. 🙂


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