He killed the engine,
opened the door.
She stepped out
to the leaf strewn floor.
Blindfolded he led
into the wood.
She followed his lead
as any sub should.
Lost from sight
she was bound to a tree,
fastened with cuffs;
he left with the key.

Alone and naked,
pressed to the bark,
an hour passed
and the wood grew dark.
A rustle of leaves
then breath on her shoulder,
a light caress
then the stranger grew bolder.
His fingers sought entry
high up her thigh.
The graze of denim
as he undid his fly.

Feeling him deep,
slamming into the tree,
she moans out in pleasure
from the man she canโ€™t see.
Forceful and rough,
his thrusting is swift.
Departing in silence,
no thanks for the gift.

Master returns,
untied, she leaves;
sheโ€™s feeling fulfilled,
yet her pained heart still grieves .
Back at the car
he robes her in his coat.
Undoes the blindfold
and gives her the note.
The stranger it states,
was no stranger to her,
though she never knew it
the stranger was Sir.

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