Ignored and unseen,

one in the crowd,

tears fall,

head bowed.

Her identity squashed,

confined and denied.

Would she be missed

if they learned she had died?

Flaws magnify,

weaknesses grow.

Pain inside

her friends don’t know.

She flees the room

in hurt and despair,

so alone,

a soul stripped bare.

8 thoughts on “Depression

    • Being years past the moments that generated these feelings, I think, yes, they would. At the time, it doesn’t seem like it and that’s why it is such a tragic illness. It is not about reality, it is about perception and the depressed mind sees isolation even when the truth is very different. The remedy? Let your loved ones know they are loved. 🙂


    • Thanks Tammy, I’ve been surprised Just how many people identified with this. So much silent suffering. It’s a rehash (by memory) of a poem I wrote a few decades ago. The original startede with… She’s at a party with no-one she knows, she collects her coat and quietly goes… there should be a final verse of her sitting, crying in the gutter as her absence goes unnoticed too but this version, this feels more complete, more generic and less specific. I think it improved with the rework. I’d like to come back to the sentiments and lengthen it. It’s important to me to raise hope at the end because with depression, it is hope that breaks it and shows a path out. There is always hope… it just needs to be seen.


    • It’s subtle in its intensity. The feelings described could be written much harsher but I wanted to convey sadness with a hint of the pain rather then write of the complete destructive thoughts that can shout so loud. x


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