Little Pet

SJ finds the sweet spot with her verse.





A Gentle Man


Leather behind her

binding her wrists.

Her delicate hands

clenched into fists.

Gripping the ties

that bind her lusts

He sates himself

with gentle thrusts.

She rocks back

needing his love,

he admires her rear

with his view from above.

Her derriere ripples

as he increases his speed;

she responds with moaning

as he fulfils her need.

Though she is his chattel,

his slave, his sub,

he thinks of her first

while they share their love.

No harsh Master,

this gentle man.

He takes pleasure

yet shares when he can.

Business as Usual.


He was nervous,

she was ready.

His hand on her thigh,

shaking and unsteady.

Urging him on,

squashing restraint.

Rapid breathing,

feeling faint.

He commits

to her intent.

His turn now

where others went.

Short and brief,

she feigns her pleasure,

strokes his ego

that lacks measure.

He gasps and groans,

ends with a cry.

She rewards him

with a lie.

He zips back up

and moves aside

a new punter steps forth

to claim his ride.