The Wait

To explore the idea of ‘One Love’ for Queer Romance Month. The thinking is simple and honest. Love is love


Breathing hard,
his nerves so frayed,
he waited prone
where he’d been laid.
The man undressed,
moved to the bed,
the expected end
where flirting had led.
The youth uncertain,
the man quite bold,
the boy did all
as he was told.
The sheets thrown back
they both embrace,
lips so softly
brush his face.
A hand explored,
caressed his skin.
Two weeks delay,
now they begin.

Foreplay done,
told to relax,
two pairs of hands
scratch two bare backs.
Two beasts roar,
passions fired;
passion spent,
no life sired.
Clutching, clasping,
sharing breath,
love united,
bound ’till death.
Held content,
all fear passed,
the youth rejoices,
paired at last.

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