I’ve been away

Okay, I’ve neglected this place, I can admit that. So, how about a little update?

Well, Her Name is James has undergone a transformation with a new cover.

Dark Angel has undergone the same treatment along with a slight editing revision that has hopefully removed the last of the grammar errors and has also resulted in the ‘naughty’ material being toned down a little. It’s now more in keeping with other Gothic / Dark Fantasy works.

The sequel to Dark Angel has gone online tonight, Hell on Earth. It’s currently only avaialble as a kindle download but within a matter of hours the paperback should be up and running and over the next few days, both Dark Angel and Hell on Earth should be available for all e-readers. The same will apply to Her Name is James by mid-April (when I can get myself out of Kindle select’s possession).

What comes next?

Book three is Lucifer, that is aiming to a release of Early June, maybe a earlier if my luck holds.

Also, another ‘soft’ story is part written. The story is set in 1953 England and is about gypsy Mickey Ray, a bare knuckle boxer who is promised to a girl he has known his entire life. The story kicks into play when he meets a youth from the village his community has camped on the outskirts of. Mickey is gay. With homosexuality being illegal and the gypsy community rejecting it as a possibility, Mickey’s tale is going to be hard reading.

And so… I guess that’s the long overdue update. I shall try to stay active here 😉




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