Explaining Dark Angel

Okay, this is to try and answer a question on my facebook page regarding the religious aspects of Dark Angel.

The majority of belief through the series can be identified as either Judaic or Christian as for the most part, where religion is mentioned, it is from the old testament. A notable exception is the mention of St Peter through the set of books and the appearance of a Catholic priest in book two. (There is also a brief chapter that references the Pope).

Having said that, there is nothing detrimental intended to any religion. Dark Angel is about good versus evil. It revolves around the intent to bring Hell to the world of men. Does that mean I have adhered to Church doctrine? To be fair, no I guess I haven’t but I can say, my variance has been both gentle and subtle.

There are two primary angels in the books, they are Briathos and Leo. Briathos begins as a somewhat judgemental individual whereas Leo is the more forgiving. They are not intended to be a mirror to hold up to all angels; the role of each is outlined as ‘one who thwarts demons’. They are portrayed as pure souls but I have given them reasoning and rationale that permit them to adapt and change their perceptions. They are individuals and at no time to do I suggest their thinking and actions are typical of the Host or of the intent of a divine source. In fact, there are occasions when either or both rail against instruction that has been attributed to Saint Peter.

There is an active role given to archangel Michael and here, I have sought to paint him as archaic as I could. He is a character who is described as the Host’s warrior, (think of him as a cross between Hercules and Moses). Michael is portrayed as in the Apocrypha as a fire and damnation type of angel. He has a lassitude that that is not given to other angels and he will actively war against evil whereas the angels of the Host have limitations to their actions.

On the opposite ‘team’ a few demons are made use of; Mastema (to tempt people to sin) and Xaphan (former fallen angel, fans the furnaces of Hell) are all you would expect of demons. There are some human characters who to be honest, are quite possibly more evil than the demons they serve.

Of the church, the second book introduces a priest who is true to his faith. He is a significant character and aside from a few disparaging thoughts about his own Bishop (which he chastises himself for berating even in his thoughts) there is nothing to indicate any variance from dogma.

Is there anything that may be considered contentious? It is conceivable that a reader may object to an angel being judgemental of a gay relationship in the story but equally, another angel has no issue with it; equally, the lusts of the dark angel can be viewed as both warming and damning by two different angels. It’s complicated 😉

So, in summary… I think I have been just and minimalistic in my references to religion through the books. There is certainly no deliberate attempt to smear or slander any religion. On a personal note, I read theology intensely for my own pleasure and though I do not hold to any one religion I do acknowledge significant traits of many that are admirable. Do not misunderstand me, I do have a belief but it is not something that is fully formed. I have my intentions and I try to abide to a simple premise.

“While we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.”

I would like to warn readers of a sensitive nature that there are some pages that may be hard to read. I have edited out large swathes of text that I felt were too harsh on the senses but some pieces have remained. There is a small amount of sexual content but I have kept it as clean as possible and there is a tendency for the edited sections to occur off the page. It’s something of a ploy but there is “before” with a bedroom door closing at the end of a chapter and the new chapter begins with “after”.
An additional warning is that there are some pages that are somewhat gruesome. Curiously, some readers (my niece) want more of this while others (my mother) want less. I think that my mother has read my books says more than any fearful disclaimer of mine may.

I think I’ve covered everything. Any other questions… just ask. As long as you can wait for me to give a considered reply.



One thought on “Explaining Dark Angel

  1. Thank you for explaining it so well CJ. I will have to give them a go…hope it’s not too cleverly written for me as it doesn’t take much to confuse me lol! Angel Parkinson


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