The Wait

To explore the idea of ‘One Love’ for Queer Romance Month. The thinking is simple and honest. Love is love


Breathing hard,
his nerves so frayed,
he waited prone
where he’d been laid.
The man undressed,
moved to the bed,
the expected end
where flirting had led.
The youth uncertain,
the man quite bold,
the boy did all
as he was told.
The sheets thrown back
they both embrace,
lips so softly
brush his face.
A hand explored,
caressed his skin.
Two weeks delay,
now they begin.

Foreplay done,
told to relax,
two pairs of hands
scratch two bare backs.
Two beasts roar,
passions fired;
passion spent,
no life sired.
Clutching, clasping,
sharing breath,
love united,
bound ’till death.
Held content,
all fear passed,
the youth rejoices,
paired at last.


Extract – Her Name is James

Her Name is James jam2

      Tom was in the living room gaming, with his music loud and pounding while James was sat on a stool purloined from the kitchen. He was dressed in a padded black bra, suspender belt and stockings and matching underwear. He was peering into his pedestal mirror and cursing while trying to apply his eye make-up. The mirror was poorly lit and he was having trouble seeing if the shade he’d painted above his lid was an even coating.

Pursing his lips as he thought, he caught sight of his distorted face in the mirror and frowned. He shook his head, put the delicate application brush back in its box, tucked it onto the cupboard and stood up. He walked to the door and tried to listen for movement but with Tom’s metal music reverberating through the house, he couldn’t hear anything. He turned the handle and slowly opened the door a fraction.

With no sign of any activity, James quickly moved down the landing to his parents’ bedroom and slipped inside. He scanned the room and saw his mother’s make-up mirror sitting on her dressing table. It was a large mirror with a circular bulb running around its outside and when he examined it, he found it magnified too. He crawled under the table and unplugged it and wrapped both his arms around it as he crossed back to the door.

Opening the door, he heard Tom’s feet thump on the stairs as he rushed upward and he quickly pushed the door to. Standing beside the door in just his underwear and stockings, James froze, wide-eyed. “Don’t come in, don’t come in!” The mantra was repeated in a whisper over and over.

He freed an arm from holding the mirror, leaving it still carefully cradled against his body with his other hand and he put his free hand over his mouth silencing himself. He took a slow breath and let it out, dreading his brother opening the door.

The music downstairs still resounded around the building and James realised he’d never have heard if Tom had shut himself in his bedroom, headed back down the stairs or as was more likely, was in the bathroom.

Cautiously, he put his hand to the door handle. He pulled it slowly toward him. Peering out, he could see a faint glimmer of light coming from under the bathroom door. Should he make a dash for it? Should he push the door to again and wait? He strained to hear. Nothing but the heavy drum, whining guitar and raw, guttural vocals sounded. He stepped out of the room, terrified the bathroom door would open. Quickly, he pulled the door shut behind him and darted for his room, oblivious to any sound he’d make.

As he neared the door to sanctuary, he heard the flush of the toilet and gasped out loud as it made him jump. “Shit, shit, shit!” James hissed as he made a grab for his own door handle and forced it open just as he heard the lock on the door behind him slide back. He almost threw himself into the room and as he turned to shut his door, he saw his brother come out of the bathroom. He pushed his door shut and waited; he didn’t think he’d been seen but he couldn’t be sure.

The door to his room exploded open and crashed against the wall, the door handle permanently marking the paintwork. Thomas forced his way in as James stepped back in fear.

Thomas glared at his brother, gazing up and down his partially clad body, taking in the black lingerie at a glance.

“Thought so!” Tom bit. “Fucking freak. What the fuck do you think you look like?” He stepped menacingly into the room, rage rising fast. He shook his head, disappointment and anger vying for supremacy. “First chance you get and you’re…” Tom glared at his brother, disgust and loathing taking control. He shook his head again.

Horrified and anguished, James made a move toward his brother hoping to placate him but Tom lashed out, his fist connected with James’ cheek and the impact sent him hurtling across the room to fall against the bed. The mirror in his hands surviving the fall only by chance as it bounced from the bed to the floor. James rolled on the bed to turn and face his brother again but he had already left, the door standing open and empty.

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A poem… Decisions

Paige strikes.

Paige Thomas



Blatant lies and distrust

But I know the truth

False accusations?

Oh, I have the proof

I could stand up and shout

For all the world to see

But I’m not that vindictive

That just wouldn’t be me

I could seek further counsel

Let honor be true

Though I refuse to waste more energy

Even thinking of you

My head is held high

My smarts are on straight

Refuse to tarnish my heart

With this nonsense and hate

I’ll walk on my own

As my fate sees fit

And trust in the knowledge

I’ll survive with true grit

I’ll value the lessons

I’ve learnt on the way

Keep the good memories close

And the bad ones at bay

Goodbye to ill choices

Make room for the well

I’ve no time for the wicked

They can all go to hell

Bring on positivity

The good and the just

I’ll continue…

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At first… I wasn’t sure.

I wasn’t sure to begin with how I felt about ‘my James’ being in a Gay and Lesbian chart as the book is not about his sexuality but his identity and then I realised… that is just as true of gays and lesbians anyway. 🙂 Now I’m back to checking the charts far too often to see if he can make it to number 1. (Also doing respectably in Romance too which I really hadn’t expected, that’s a very competitive chart!) Oh well… time to stop grinning and head to work. Be well all!


Shared Moments.


Her nails rake cheeks,

she drew him deep.

Claw at flesh,

he makes her weak.

Hard inside,

thrusting strong,

inch by inch

slides past her thong.

Wet as a river,

soft as lace,

pushing back,

matching pace.

Thighs surround,

heels on rear,

silk on her spine

his whispers in her ear.

Writhing, frantic,

moan in pleasure,

his spent pearls

surmount her treasure.

Now push him off

and drag her in,

the girl whose lips

sup at his sin.

And when she’s sated

on salted seed,

their mouths entwine

to share the feed.

Grind together

kissing long,

as he just stands

and still looks on.