Taking an axe to poetry

axeThe end of my poems.

I’m killing my poetry, my erotica is nothing I’m ashamed of but I’ve come to the conclusion when I write this, it influences my novel writing. I’ve just taken the knife to Dark Angel which was written while I was also writing these poems and I’ve toned down some of the ‘naughty’ action as the book didn’t require it. From that realisation, I’ve decided these posts now will step away from what they were and become something new.

As most of those who visit these pages are writers or tied into writing / promoting authors, I’m going to look at making posts that have a bearing on the craft. I can’t say for sure what nature these posts will be but at the moment, I’m thinking they’ll relate to curiosities I encounter that pertain to writing and writers. There’ll be some rhetorical questions, some personal observations and experiences and for the most part… whatever is occupying my mind at the time.

Don’t expect a well disciplined, well plotted post. This could become random in the extreme πŸ˜‰


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